Sweet Sabbath

"Thanksgiving is a spiritual exercise, necessary to the building of a healthy soul.  It takes us out of the stuffiness of ourselves into the fresh breeze and sunlight of the will of God." 
--Elizabeth Elliot

Flexing my muscles in thanksgiving for:


-for strong, happy, and healthy children who adore their daddy

-a splurge of peach cobbler and ice cream to send Aaron off to Bangkok

-finding somebody we know down at the wharf this morning to take a copy of the new Lavukaleve prayer back to Marulaon for corrections

-the coolest critter EVER, with a striped face, a turquoise body and orange intestines

-the perfect afternoon to have a farewell picnic at the airport while we waited for Aaron to board the plane

-a hilarious rendition of "mother-may-I" that had the whole family laughing out loud

-a game of hide and seek among siblings

-Naomi, who was strong enough to get out of bed for a little while and come to the airport with us

-kites flying in the wind

-a Skype message telling me Aaron arrived safely in Brisbane, the first leg of his journey


Abi's Blog said…
Wonderful, colorful pictures!
Nahna said…
What great pictures...I love seeing the kids having so much fun. How about a new picture of you and Aaron when he returns????

Love to you. prayers and hugs.
The dB family said…
Praying for safety for Aaron and that you have a good week too. So glad that Naomi could get out of bed for a bit too. Do you know what that caterpillar will turn into?

Ann said…
I laughed at the "orange intestines." Homeschooling keeps our brains sharp to look for those opportunities, doesn't it? I love it!
brian said…
you have a lovely blog, and beautiful children, great job!

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