Marulaon Daybook

For Today...Monday, August 29
Outside my window...leaves all over the ground from the huge storm we had last night, a papaya tree that just fell down a few minutes ago, bell pepper and Chinese cabbage sprouting in their pots on the porch
I am thinking...about my husband who is teaching a Translation Principles workshop in another village this week.
From the learning rooms...early Britain, Augustine, Anglo-Saxon England; light energy, light & vision; Sarah - writing a newspaper article, measuring length; Benjamin - writing a comparison/contrast essay, ratios; Olivia - writing a persuasive letter, ; Katherine - letter T
I am thankful for...the soaking rain we got last night!  Our tank went up four inches.  Please keep praying for a good balance of sun and rain.
From the kitchen...this morning, banana papaya smoothies and Everyone's Favorite Muffins from "Laurel's Kitchen", sloppy joes for lunch, and leftovers for supper
I am wearing...a white t-shirt and a blue cotton skirt, barefooted except when I'm carrying buckets of water from the well, then I wear flipflops to help me navigate up the slippery hill
I am reading..."Trusting in His Goodness" by Marilyn Wilson and Shelly Cook Volkhardt
I am hoping...and praying that Naomi's sinus infection finally succumbs to this round of antibiotics so she will feel better again soon.
I am from Abbess Hildegard of Bingen, "A Feather on the Breath of God" (we're not quite to her in history yet, but I was so excited to get the CD in the mail that we're listening a little bit early), the wind blowing through the huge mango tree outside and causing the chimes to sing like crazy
Around the house...a lavender candle burning, a floor about to be mopped since we have some more water now, kids beginning schoolwork
One of my favorite things...being a part of the Marulaon community.  Yesterday, I made lots of banana cake, some to send with Aaron for the workshop and some to donate to the Mother's Union "Bring and Buy".  We had fun after church last night hanging out and buying some yummy food that the other ladies brought.
Pondering these words..."We have to learn to make the least of all that goes and the most of all that come."  --Ruth Bell Graham
A few plans for the rest of the week...planting seeds and some slippery cabbage now that we've had a little bit of rain, paddling over to Karumolun tomorrow to take some more ubikola for the workshop and to see Aaron, a big communion service on Wednesday morning as the District Priest makes his rounds through the church district, & Friday, a new store opens in Marulaon so our community will have lots of feasting and celebrating all day and we'll bring some food to share with our neighbors


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