Aaron and I began yesterday with a big shopping trip into town in sweet anticipation of a large influx of people.  One of our colleagues went along, too.  She was buying much needed items to get the houses ready, and we were buying food to get the kitchens ready.  When we finished, the vehicle was packed to the gills. 
 We got home in time to grab some leftovers for lunch and help the kids finish making welcome signs.  Then the mass migration of SITAG to the airport began.  Welcoming people at the airport is one of our favorite things to do!

The truck with all of the kids piled in the back arrived just in time for everyone to run up the stairs to the roof and start making noise.  The first to disembark was our Pacific Area director.  We love having a boss like him!

Twelve people were on this flight from Australia,

and every single one of them feels like family to us.

As soon as we gathered all of the people and all of the luggage,

a few vehicles drove back to SITAG to deposit the first round of folks.

While the rest of us waited for the next plane coming from Fiji

which held nine more of our favorite people.

And while those of us at the airport cheered and hollered and welcomed,

six more of our SITAG family were arriving at the wharf on a ship. 

The flight from Fiji held our Conference pastor and his wife,
along with six brave souls who came over to nurture our kids during Conference.

This afternoon, six more people arrive, and then the transformation will be complete. 

Our branch will be busting at the seams with people and love and laughter.  And business meetings, too. 

But I prefer the people and love and laughter!


Joanna, your joy is contagious!

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