Weekend Wonders

What a great weekend God gave us!  A year ago, we unexpectedly bumped into this college friend in Honiara.  Other than that short meeting, we hadn't seen David since we were on a choir tour singing around Europe.  He looked like this:
He really hasn't changed a bit in twenty years, and this weekend we got to enjoy being his adopted family while he is away from his own precious wife (he is sitting next to her on the bus - pre-wedding) and five children.

Friday night we enjoyed his company, then all day Sunday, too!  We attended church together, shared meals, played spades (he has only honed his skills at going nil since our college days) and basketball.

And we laughed.  A lot.  I'm still a little bit in awe at watching God orchestrate our schedules again.  This is David's last tour of duty in the Solomon Islands, and we only arrived a few weeks ago.  We're praying that this is only the first of many times where our paths cross.


Ann said…
I'm so glad you got this time with David!!

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