Back to school

After all the rain we've experienced in the last week, today was an absolutely gorgeous, sunny day.  The team that came from Illinois to minister to SITAG during Conference got stuck here for a few extra days because of Cyclone Winston hitting Fiji, and I was really thankful that they could bask in a beautiful Solomon Islands' day.
We started back to school to day after a month's break for packing, moving across the ocean, and SITAG's Conference.  I had reminded the kids that the first day back is often a little bit rough, so they needed to be intentional about extending grace to themselves and to each other (and to Mama, too!).  It was such a good day.  Being back on a routine, having Katherine sit on my lap to read to me, listening to kids practice piano, everybody diligently completing school work - wow!  So many of God's gifts in our day.  We still have Taylor living with us, too, and we are really enjoying his company.  It's like having my big brother live with us, and we love it.

And these two cuties?  They comprise the entire 2nd grade class at SITAG.  After PE, I found them both sitting at the table, silently poring over their times tables.    


Joanna, I think I would have a lot of difficulty accomplishing anything with THAT gorgeous view from my porch! Glad it was a smooth transition back to school :D

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