In Memory of Robert Bruce Choate

How grateful I am for this man and the role he had in shaping my husband's life.  Though we didn't plan to return to America last year, that unexpected trip back gave us time with Aaron's grandfather.

This tough WWII veteran had a soft spot for his great-grandchildren.

And he served his church for many, many years as bus driver, usher, and whatever was needed in his quiet way.  One of my favorite memories is the way he served his wife and washed dishes and cleaned off the table so quickly, sometimes you had to hang on to your plate or glass if you weren't quite finished.

Robert Bruce "Bud" Choate
August 21, 1924-February 25, 2016


Anonymous said…
I just saw this, Joanna! Please give Aaron a hug for me. I'm very glad you got to see him one more time before you left.


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