Settling in...

Our first few days back in Honiara have been good.  Katherine was up at 6:00 a.m. on Wednesday morning, spunky and drinking her tea.  I woke up a little before 2:00 a.m. both Tuesday and Wednesday nights, but last night I slept all the way until the sun was peeking its head above the horizon!
We've unloaded boxes and washed all of the musty clothes and caught up with SITAG's employees.  Sweet Betsy apologized for not bringing some of her beautiful orchids to welcome us back.  She said it has been so dry since December that her orchids weren't blooming.  Thankfully, it has rained three afternoons in a row since we returned!  The rain tank behind our house is now overflowing, which is a good thing since around thirty people will be flooding into SITAG in the next week.
Today has been focused on getting ready for next week.  SITAG's Conference begins on Thursday, and we have lots to do in preparation.  Sarah helped roll out fifteen pizza crusts for a big meal next Tuesday when most of our colleagues will arrive. 


And our family also did quite a bit of cooking and freezing to get ready for less time to cook and more people to feed.  My kids have already been asking when we can have company and when are we going to DO something?  I'm glad they have hearts for hospitality, but I keep reminding them that I just got here.  Next week will bring plenty of people and plenty of things to do.
Aaron serves on SITAG's Advisory Committee (AC), so this afternoon he sat down with the chairman to go over the plan for next week and work out any kinks in the schedule.  I love that God gives us each different gifts - some of us are super organized and detail oriented and some of us see a bigger, more global picture.  It takes all kinds of people to make up the Body of Christ!


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