Birthdays Galore

The last week has held many opportunities to celebrate birthdays here at SITAG.

Last week, we got to host a birthday party with a request for "cinnamon cake", so Sarah made a coffee cake with a cinnamon ribbon inside (I grew up calling this kind of cake "sock-it-to-me" cake!). 

This week we got to celebrate another special friend, and her birthday cake request was for flan.  Sarah was happy to whip up this one, too.

One of the SITAG traditions I love the most is the ladies piling in the vehicle for an afternoon coffee break in town.  It's amazing how quickly we can finish our work for the day or rearrange our schedules when we know that sweet fellowship and a treat are waiting.
These ladies are the best support through the ups and downs of life!


Jennie said…
Enjoy reading your blog. Sarah is a talented baker - her creations are so, so wonderful to the eye - and am sure, beyond awesome for the palate.

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