Weekend Wonders in Kansas

Our family arrived in Wichita late Friday night, but we were off to an early start on Saturday to go cheer on Clara, our favorite five-year-old gymnast!

Spunky Clara works so hard to make up for her "little arm" that you never notice anything but her sparkling personality.
I love this man.  He is the best husband, dad, friend, and "uncle".  Wesley thinks Aaron makes a good bed, too.

After the gymnastics meet, the Choates and the Conards took a picnic lunch to a local park and played hard.  The dads gave the moms an opportunity to grab a cup of coffee and visit one last time, and when we returned, we found two pairs of glasses had been sacrificed during a football game.
So, away we went again, this time to learn how to use test 25 fishing line and a lighter to fix Benjamin's rimless glasses.  With two repaired sets of glasses in hand, the moms returned and gathered up ten children and two dads to return to the hotel so we could finish stuffing and weighing suitcases.  I can not imagine a better way to relax after the chaos of the last few weeks.  Sweet fellowship and staying in the tidiness of a hotel room was exactly what we needed to finish up our time in America.
After supper together, my laundry helper and I washed some clothes so our crew would have clean clothes to wear just in case something happened to our checked bags.  These friends are such a blessing.  They've loaned us a vehicle for both furloughs, and they love us through the hard parts of transition.  Does doing something twice make it a tradition?

Once again, our friends loaded us up and took us to the airport at 8:00 a.m. to begin our journey across the Pacific Ocean.

These guys are so good for each other.

I think Aaron is still winning the hair loss competition!

We're already talking about how to celebrate our May birthdays together again...


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