I had forgotten...

In the space of only a few months, I had forgotten quite a few things about life in the Solomon Islands.  The stunning beauty of this place - painted sunsets, fragrant frangipanis, vibrant birds with their chitter chatter all day long - points me back to the Creator all day long.

I had also forgotten how much I love living in community.  In the week that we have been back, our house has experienced people popping in and out all day long:  everything from playing games on a restful Sunday afternoon to somebody looking for a key to a shared vehicle to preschool boys bringing me flowers.

I don't know how to describe this microcosm of the Body of Christ, but I love it.  Our strengths and weaknesses complement each other, and we share in the daily ups and downs of life here.  I missed this when we were in America holed away in our own little house with closed windows.

Monday morning, living in community looked like watching the Super Bowl live!  We all brought things to do while we watched.  I worked on school lessons plans on the couch while others made fudge in the kitchen.  We cheered loudly, and we prayed for many of our colleagues who were flying from America toward the Solomon Islands.

SITAG will swell from nineteen people to forty-five in the next few hours, and our community will get even better!


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