Highlights of SITAG's Conference

SITAG's Conference is finally over.  We are gasping for breath and grateful for all that was accomplished and for the many people who were praying for our branch.  Here are some of the things that stand out as I look back over the last, very intense, week:

-Sarah made Willow Bird's Coconut Tres Leches Cake with a few tweaks and won the SITAG bake-off that got our Conference started on a sweet note

-Sunday night was an impromptu party as we added four people around our table and played a game we learned from Julie.  I love it when people just bring their own food over and add it to the table!

-Business meetings!  The business has to get done, even when it's tedious.  But for most of the time, we kept light hearts, voted quickly, worked together, and maintained a spirit of unity.

-Having extras in my house again makes me so happy.  Almost every day when the meetings finished, I found borrowed kids hanging out.

-This couple.  They keep coming back.  Four times now they've made the trek across the Pacific Ocean, braved the heat, and put up with the slow to non-existent internet service.  They keep shepherding us, loving on us, encouraging us.  And we are SO grateful.


I love seeing all those smiling faces :D Hope you get some time to refresh in a different way, and catch your breath!

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