Monday, May 9, 2016

Friday, May 6

When we first started our journey of school at home, my goal was to give our young children more time with Aaron. He was in seminary and worked at a church half an hour away, to put Sarah in school all day would have given her very little time with her daddy. Homeschool meant the kids could work when Daddy was gone and enjoy his company when he was home.
Fast forward to this year, and I have students in 11th, 10th, 7th, and 2nd grade who are close to finishing up their year of curriculum. Benjamin and Sarah finished their chemistry this week, and Benjamin couldn't wait to begin physics, so he has jumped ahead and began the course.
What a joy it is to learn together at home, and the flexibility that homeschooling brings allows our whole family to participate in the ministry of Bible translation for the Lavukal. Our children get to attend community events and help wave flies away from the food. They play games in Lavukaleve, building relationships with the children that will be the generation that grows up with the Bible in their own language. Sarah is learning some of the traditional crafts and cooking skills from the ladies here. I'm so proud of my kids and the role they play in serving the people of the Russell Islands.

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