Thursday, May 26

Aaron was gone for more than twelve hours Tuesday. When he left the house, he said he anticipated being home for lunch, but the mini-tour of the Russell Islands grew into more of trip than he realized. Especially when they had a little engine trouble and had to paddle for a while! Since he was gone, Matthew worked by himself in the church, and we took him some cassava for lunch. I also dropped off several yards of material for his wife as a thank you for loaning Matthew to translating. Each of our guys have plenty to keep them busy every day - responsibilities to provide both food and money for their families, positions of leadership in the community and church - and yet they are faithful to set aside time and energy to do the tedious work of Bible translation.

Wednesday morning, the Kosco arrived around 8:00. Quite a few of our friends were going into Honiara. Our family walked down to the beach to say goodbye to the translators going to attend a comprehension checking workshop at SITAG. A group of ladies who are first cousins were going to participate in a custom ceremony. My friend, Ofoaen, has a nephew who is marrying a girl from the Gela language group. So, her brother has called together the women in his family to come be a part of presenting the bride price and making the arrangement official.
IMG_2942 - Copy (360x240)
Our family enjoyed a little bit of visiting and holding babies while we waited for the motor boats to taxi everybody out to the Kosco. At 8:30, I shooed kids up the hill to the house to begin school, while I stayed just a little bit longer to wave goodbye to friends before I joined the kids to tackle another day of school.


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