Tuesday, May 17

Since Saturday, we've not been able to connect with UUPlus and none of our colleagues can hear us on the radio. It's discouraging not to be in touch with the outside world, but I'm thankful we have such great neighbors here in Marulaon! The little things, the “nits,” are beginning to add up: rats, not enough water, and now no communication. My wise friend and colleague, Roxanne, once wrote these encouraging words to me:
It's the low-level stress, the (seemingly) constantly being on the back foot, the almost-but-not-quite getting it that is emotionally - and honestly, physically as well - exhausting. I don't know any way around it other than acknowledging it and then finding a peace with it and forging ahead doing my best (whatever that best may be at any particular time and place) and resting in the sure love and acceptance of our God. Often enough, that allows me to relax and enjoy as much as I can, even laughing at myself over all my faux pas and miscues.


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