Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Marulaon Woman’s Daybook

Just for today...Monday, May 9
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On my bookshelf...Turn Toward the Wind: Embracing Change in Your Life by Dale Hanson Bourke
Outside my window...Sarah's kimita are just about dry. Her friend, Josa, said they can begin to weave the mat soon.
I am hearing...wailing outside. An elderly woman died this morning. She had ten children and countless grandchildren, so the village will soon be full of mourners.
A heart of thankfulness...for the Lavukal translation committee meeting yesterday afternoon. It didn't follow my Western ideas of understanding how things should be done (surprise!), but the program has new momentum and some new leadership. I'm excited that two of the new officers are cousins from Marulaon - Leonard will be the new chairman and Kiko will be the new treasurer.
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Pondering these words..."If you have chosen to live a life of the Spirit, the winds will still blow. You will not be exempt because of status or power. You cannot beg God to spare you because you are not strong enough. The winds will help make you strong. They will blow and you will have to respond. If you choose to turn away, you will miss the chance to grow." ~Dale Hanson Bourke
Around the house...Leonard and Aaron are on the porch right now discussing the translation program. Our porch is a great place for a meeting!
On my knees in prayer...for rain. We are heading into the dry season which usually lasts until September or October. We knew that tanks were getting low around the village, but we didn't realize just how low. The big 2000 gallon tank by the church is empty. The 1000 gallon tank in front of our house is almost empty, and the 600 gallon tank in front of our house still has some water. Those tanks we've been able to donate to Marulaon (because of generous donations) to add to the personal rain tanks scattered throughout the village. Our family's tank in the back is less than half full. Suddenly, we're into the "don't mop and don't wash sheets" mode.

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