Monday, May 23, 2016

Saturday, May 14

Death and drought are both unpleasant, but God is giving us opportunities to talk about Him in the midst of difficult times. Recently, I had a great visit with one of my friends here. She was questioning the most recent death in the village since the woman who died was only 61 years old. My friend wondered if the death was a result of sorcery. We talked about God's protection of those who love Him, but we also talked about God's sovereignty and how He can take what seems like a mistake and use it for His glory. Thinking about Suka's death reminded us to spend our time and energy on eternal things. My friend also had a chance to express some grief and loneliness over her own mom's death a few years ago.
Then we discussed His provision of the water that the ground so desperately needs to grow crops. This morning, Aaron marked the water line on our two front tanks. When it is so dry, the ground is hard and the pickax bounces back when even the strongest of us try to dig heaps to plant cassava or kumara. The trade winds are at least a month early this year. While I love the cool breeze, I think about the inability to plant crops now and the hungry bellies that will have a hard time finding food in six months. And both of us pondered our reliance on God and His perfect timing that dovetails with His perfect knowledge of our situation. When I live in the village, I am so much more aware of my dependence on the Lord. When I fall back into the hustle and bustle and “easy” of life in America, I tend to forget just how much I need Him.

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