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Just for today...Monday, May 3
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From the learning rooms...Benjamin and Sarah finish up Chemistry and Olivia finished Pre-Algebra this week. I'm feeling a little bit too young to have kids this old.
A heart overflowing with thankfulness...for a good trip back on the Kosco yesterday. We got back to the house around 7:00 to a delicious supper of pizza that Aaron had prepared and kept warm for us. On the boat, we got to ride along with our friends Ruthie, Ruthie's daughter Bethany, and Ruthie's niece Wendy. The kids had a great time playing cards together.
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At one point, I had Bethany asleep on my lap. The wind must have been behind us, because we had no breeze at all even in the front of the ship. I was fanning her for all I was worth. Ruthie had noticed that Katherine looked a little sick and had gone over to the side of the ship. So sweet Ruthie took an umbrella to shade Katherine from the hot afternoon sun and rubbed Katherine's back until she felt less nauseous. I like how we all work together to make life just a little bit easier.

On my bookshelf...Sarah and I should finish reading Hope Was Here sometime this week. I cherish the time spent every evening with each child, sharing books, visiting for a few minutes, and praying together to end the day.
Around the village...the kino are blooming. I never noticed before that we actually have a cutnut season, but every tree in the village is in full bloom. And my sinuses know it!
Pondering these words..."Are you mourning over your weakness? Take courage! You must be conscious of weakness before the Lord gives you the victory. Your emptiness is the preparation for being filled with God's strength." ~Charles Spurgeon
A few plans for the rest of the week...the new Lavukal Translation Committee will meet next Sunday. Prayers appreciated!


It must have felt really different to ride on the Kosco without All The Baggage. Sorry Katherine didn't feel well - that's miserable :o( And sorry for your sinuses! Hope the cutnuts are worth it!
us5 said…
Hi Joanna! I've been thinking of you often lately, finally getting over here to catch up on your family. I'm praying for rain right now for you - for a refilling of those rain barrels, and plenty of water to refresh and clean and be of blessing to others.

The quote here resonates - I've been pondering "blessed are the poor in spirit" - this same recognition of total, complete dependence and need for HIM.

Blessings on all of you as you serve in His name, instruments in His work to provide the water of His Word to eternally refresh, cleanse, build up and bless the Marulaon people! Thank you for going, and for sharing what God is doing with the rest of us right here on your blog.

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