Friday, May 27

My family celebrated me so well yesterday. Sarah made delicious coconut ice cream using freshly squeezed coconut milk. The ice cream paired perfectly with the coconut tres leches birthday cake.

IMG_2983 - Copy (360x202)
The kids each made me something for my birthday, and their gifts reflected their personalities so very well. Benjamin finished notating a composition for two sopranos. I've admired it for a long time, and he printed it out for my birthday. Sarah embroidered another gingham napkin with snowflake stitch to add to my collection. She also painted a beautiful canvas for me with the phrase, “Where you go, I'll go. Where you stay, I'll stay.”
Olivia made us all laugh. God gave her that gift, and our family is grateful. She made me several beautiful bookmarks, but the highlight of her gift was the limericks and acrostics she composed. Here is a sample:
Cataracts are nasty,
Cataracts are ghastly,
They turn your eyes blue,
And give you the flu,
And sadly never leave fastly.

Just in case you didn't know, I,
Olivia, have something to say.
And it starts like this: My mom is
Never mean,
Never hateful,
And always kind.

Katherine made me my very own hymnal with copies of some of my favorite hymns inside.
We played games almost all day, and it was so nice to have a day to play and laugh together. My sweet friend, Gayly, sent a birthday box, complete with a Flat Gayly inside. Since 2012, we've celebrated our birthdays together every year. After four years in a row, we have gotten spoiled to being together for our May birthdays, and she was super thoughtful and generous to mail a box to help me feel special and loved!


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