Wednesday, May 11

The last few days have been filled with little bits and pieces of much needed encouragement. With both rain tanks in front of our house empty now, I really appreciate the reminders that God is in control and that He a God who cares about me:

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-Sunday evening, while we waited for the translation committee meeting to finish, I waved flies away from the food and held this happy little boy. Hensy and Nancy's kids are always so sweet natured, and the most recent addition to their family just snuggled right into my shoulder.

-In my daily Bible readings, I've been working my way through Judges. Reading about real people like Gideon and Manoah makes me really grateful that God chose to include their stories. Both of those men needed a little extra encouragement and instruction, and both of those men chose to trust God and to believe that God would provide the wisdom and skill they needed to complete their tasks. That's exactly where I find myself this week - needing the strength, wisdom, and skill to do all that God has called me to do.
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-Sarah is moving ahead with weaving her kimita. I'm grateful for the other young ladies in the village who have befriended Sarah and are willing to patiently teach her. This afternoon, Sarah and Josa took each kimita and smoothed it against a piece of wood until the reed was smooth and flat and ready for the next step.

-I'm encouraged that the translators got the go-ahead from the translation committee to add some new books to the translation work. The translation team also plans to get together next week for the peer review of the rough draft of Matthew 1-11. Here are the new assignments:
Ezekiel- Ruth
Simon- Jonah
Matthew- Matthew 12-19
Albert- Matthew 20-28
Aaron with the team- Peer review of Matthew, Jonah and Ruth
Aaron - exegetical checking of the reviewed drafts


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