And They're Offf!

These spunky young ladies are two of the six who are currently on their way to Marulaon to hold a sewing workshop, share God's Word, and offer a lot of medical assistance.  Last night about 7:30, one of the SITAG guards stepped up on the porch and called for Aaron to come out because Chief Leonard had come.  Leonard wanted us to know that the Bikoi was experiencing technical difficulties and wouldn't go on its normal Sunday run.  So, all of the Bikoi's passengers were to ride on the Kosko, and that ship would make a special stop at Marulaon!

You can't see them, but one of the ladies is waving her hat from the back of the ship.  They should arrive in Marulaon around midnight, CST.  Please keep them in your prayers this week.  They will be living in a village house and depending on our Marulaon community to feed them.  And, using the bathroom facilities on the beach will probably be a new experience for most of them.


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