More Goodbyes

We've been saying goodbyes all week.  Some of our colleagues have furloughs that overlap ours, so we won't see them for two years.  Today, we said goodbye to two more friends after another great picnic on the airport's grounds.

(I love Olivia's t-shirt from Wild Olive Tees.)  We enjoyed more sweet fellowship and shed more tears.  This week we've been listening to Steven Curtis Chapman's "Beauty Will Rise" and crying as we grieve and pack.  Please know that I'm not comparing our grief to the grief of losing a child.  But the constant changing of location and the loss of technology and the ability to stay in touch when we go to Marulaon does cause us to grieve the changes in relationships.

However, we are so thankful that God is faithful and provides friends and family who flow through the changes with us.  And that He nevers changes.

Even when we have to say goodbye again.


The dB family said…
Lifting you up before God's throne. I know what you mean about saying good bye's. We've had to say a few here too.

Blessings and hugs!
Abi's Blog said…
I remember painful goodbyes when Maeva went to Uruguay...The picnic reminds me of the picnics people were having on the grounds in Bozeman, Montana. At the time, I wondered why - after our plane was over an hour late - I understood - don't go thru security until you have to! :)
Love you lots and praying for a wonderful, productive time in Marulaon.

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