Friday morning, I was sitting on the SITAG director's front porch so I could get an internet signal when I looked up and spied this snake.

According to Max, one of SITAG's gardeners, the snake wasn't poisonous.  I figured it wasn't bothering me, so I didn't bother it.  Of course it wasn't my house!

 Tonight, we said goodbye yet again.  Teams are always coming and going at SITAG - village teams going out to the village or coming back to Honiara, short term volunteers coming to Honiara and going back to their home country, and teams going and coming from furlough.  This time, it was a great WA couple from Australia.  They have lived in Honiara for a couple of months and have demonstrated their sweet servant hearts over and over again.

Each SITAG team was asked to bring a snack to the farewell party, and when Hershey's kisses show up in the mail, you just have to make peanut butter blossoms.

In this culture, men and women do not touch in public, something that is very difficult for me.  But at the party, I took the opportunity to sneak a kiss from my beloved!


Ann said…
I'd have a lot of difficulty with that cultural expectation, too!!!

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