Monday, August 15

We started the cleaning today, and Naomi certainly makes a huge difference in our family.  Not only is she an extra pair of hands, but she encourages the kids and leads them by her example with her cheerful attitude and sweet voice.  I think we might try to keep her longer!

This morning, I was praying I Timothy 6:17-19 for my children, that they would become generous people.  Then, this afternoon, Machi, the leader of the SWIM workshop, came by to let us know that the village was not going to throw them a farewell feast since the workshop participants threw them a party on Saturday.  She offered to get together for supper since they were free, and so we invited them for supper and enjoyed a sweet time of fellowship with this group of seven ladies who had poured themselves out for our neighbors in our church district during the last week. SWIM team 6SWIM team 5
SWIM team 5
SWIM team 2SWIM team 4SWIM team 7

SWIM team


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