Saturday, August 20

This morning when we woke up, we found a huge bundle of flowers on the front porch!  What a delightful surprise considering that most of us feel rotten.  I found out at market that Isabella brought them early last night but found all of our lights off, so she just left them on the porch. 

We had a tiny bit of rain overnight, so the tank now sits at 15 inches.  Since all of the grownups in our family are running a fever, we are taking turns hauling buckets up the hill.

Grace came by late this morning while I was making banana cake.  She had also come by last night and found our lights off, but she had caught and cleaned some squid, havigo, to share with us.  I cut them into thin slices and sauteed them with onion and a little bit of coconut oil.  It was delicious!


The dB family said…
I haven't been blogging or reading for a bit, so I am playing catch up. So glad to read you arrived safely in Marulon again. Will be praying that you are all feeling well again soon! I truly enjoy reading about the happenings in your daily lives. Will also be praying for rain. I have to confess, those squid don't look overly appealing. Eeks :o)!

Love and prayers!

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