SITAG Conference

From Monday until Thursday, the business portion of SITAG's Conference kept us busy.  Each team gave a report and the SITAG family prayed for them.  Committees were elected, business matters were dealt with, but more than anything our small SITAG family drew closer together.

 The older kids presented a program based on the life of Nehemiah on Thursday afternoon.

 We are incredibly grateful to the childrens' workers who gave up a week of their time to teach our kids and share God's love with them.

 God even gave us a cool and rainy Tuesday so we could have a s'more cookout (the American visitors brought the ingredients!) and introduce our Aussie colleagues to the joys of s'mores.

Scott and Carol returned to join us again this year as our SITAG Conference speakers.  Scott is pastor at East White Oak Bible Church, and we felt like we were welcoming old friends back to the Solomons.

God certainly blessed SITAG's Conference this year, and we know that He answered many prayers offered up around the world on our behalf.


Wow, what a week you've had! Glad the conference was such a blessing :D


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