Thursday, August 18

The kids started back to school today, and I began my language learning sessions as well.  Naomi still hasn't totally recovered from her ear infection during SITAG's conference, and Aaron has picked up some village bug commonly known as "belly run", so we're moving a little slowly around here.

We were happy to catch the end of havu season.  It's our favorite nut in the Solomon Islands, but it is only available in June, July, and August in the Russells.  We hear the click, click of the nut being banged in between two stones, and we recognize that somebody is "havu atane" (banging havu).  Katherine recognizes the sound, too, and this afternoon she begged to go down and shell the nuts with Auntie Naris.


Nahna said…
I surely hate to hear that Aaron is not 100%, but will pray for him and trust....for Naomi, too.

I hope school is going well and that you, Joanna, are doing well too.

Love to all.
PS...What about more rain????

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