For the next week, it's all about preparing for the trip to Marulaon.  Today, that meant that I spent some time with Naomi going over school schedules and curriculum and made a couple of loaves of banana bread (one to eat tomorrow and one to freeze & take to Marulaon).

For Aaron, it looks like this:

Packing and Petra


tnsn4lilmcs said…
Praying as you prepare. Love and hugs to you all!
Anonymous said…
Is that an ENMU Choirs Carnegie Hall t-shirt I see on Aaron?! Ooh - I just love to see that!!! :-)
We're praying for your family with extra measure these days.


Kayla and Jason
Choate Family said…
It certainly IS a much loved ENMU t-shirt :-)

Thanks for all of the prayers going up on our behalf as we hurriedly get ready to go back to Marulaon.


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