Conway Woman's Daybook

For today...Tuesday, July 10

Outside my window...the clouds are gathering, the wind is making the windchimes sing, and I think rain may be on the way!

I am mother's birthday today and how great it is that we get to be in the same place to celebrate.

From the learning rooms...Henry Purcell and his lovely opera, "Dido and Aneas".  I think Dido's Lament has to be one of my favorite pieces ever, and I will be singing along.  I just have to choose whether to sing with the ground bass or Dido.

I am thankful

From the kitchen...layered Italian zucchini casserole and lemonade cake for my mom's birthday party tonight

I am wearing...a red t-shirt, a long white skirt, white sandals, and a white shell necklace from the Solomons

I am reading... "Smart Moves: Why learning is not all in your head" by Carla Hannaford, Ph. D.  I found this book at Barnes and Noble one day and called my mom to see if she would like it.  She did, so I bought it for her, I'm just reading it first.

I am begin scanning old pictures and saving them digitally.  Lots of great memories to organize.

I am creating...a care package for our colleagues in the Solomon Islands and for our friends in the village

I am hearing...the train going through town (I love the Doppler effect) and the dishwasher (thank you, Lord, for a dishwasher)

Around the house...repotted geraniums, a bird feeder, and some new basil on the porch.  I needed to do a little bit of nesting since we will be home for ten days straight.

One of my favorite things...the blanket my great-grandmother made for me when I graduated from high school.  The ultimate in snuggle-up comfort.

Pondering these words... "Recent findings indicate that parent offspring interactions that include a lot of touch, play and being fully present, may be crucial for cognitive development.  The touch of closely bonded family members increases activity in the hippocampus, an important center for spatial and general learning and memory."  Carla Hammaford

Looking ahead...going to my grandparent's house tomorrow; enjoying Aaron's side of the family on Thursday; attending the Central Arkansas Library's book sale with Sarah, my aunt and cousins on Friday; and celebrating Olivia's 9th birthday on Sunday

Here is a picture I am sharing with you...from the Festival of Pacific Arts finishing up in Honiara this week.


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