Yesterday, we enjoyed our time with my grandmother's brother, Uncle Joe, and his beautiful wife, Aunt Dee, and perused their lovely shop, Wicks and Wax.   We also picked up a "birthday cake" candle made by My House Candles.  I haven't even taken the lid off the candle, but our whole room smells good now.

Spending time with the kindred spirits always encourages me.

We met our friends, the Hibbards, at Barnes & Noble because both families needed to use some gift cards, and then we transferred to Pinnacle Mountain State Park for a cookout.  The kids had a blast playing in a big pile of pea gravel.  Who needs fancy playground equipment?!?

The Hibbards are "iron sharpens iron" kind of people, and we're so thankful to call them friends.  My friend, Ann, is beautiful inside and out!

So after a fabulous day yesterday, today we are busy celebrating Sarah's 13th soon!


quilt'n-mama said…
Looks like a great day! THe candle sounds awesome, what a fun little Sop they must have!
What a GREAT DAY! Love the pics of the two families :D

Choate Family said…
It WAS a great day! Ann and I talked about trying to get you and your family down to even up the guys and girls :-)


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