Sweet Sarah

Friday, our sweet Sarah turned thirteen years old.

Katherine's card to Sarah

One of our family traditions is to gather around the birthday child and pray.  What a joy to watch & listen as family members from three different generations prayed for Sarah.

For my mother's 13th birthday, she received this beautiful heart shaped pendant made with tiny diamonds from her grandmother's wedding ring and a tiny ruby in the middle.  I also received this necklace as a young girl, and now Sarah is continuing the family tradition.

Even though she is thirteen now, Sarah still knows how to play!


Abi's Blog said…
Happy Birthday, Sarah!
quilt'n-mama said…
Happy Belated 13th Birthday! Looks like you had an awesome day!
Happy birthday, however it gets spelled ;D

Love the balloon toes, too!

Bartokhound said…
Just visiting and catching up after a few weeks out-of-town. I LOVE the balloons-on-toes picture! Reminds me of a twelve year-old girl named Sarah I met in Conway just this past summer who showed me how she puts olives on her fingers. ;-)

Happy Birthday, Sarah!



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