Discovery Team update

Here's an update from the Discovery Team serving in the Solomon Islands over the last few weeks.  Thanks for praying for them!

As we shared earlier, one of the main purposes of Lee's Discovery Trip is to share with Pacific Islanders at the Festival how they can use their cultural arts to worship God. The Festival has allowed his team to present this workshop as part of their official program. This is the first time a Christian workshop has been offered as part of the program events! Lee and his team traveled to the island of Malaita last week and were hosted by village families. Over the four days the team ran the worship workshops, 45 representatives from local village churches attended. This week they are holding the workshops in the capital where Festival is also being held.

Lee writes, "We’ve heard some very encouraging things at the Festival this week. When the American Samoan group performed on the main stage they said that they always open their shows and close their shows by giving thanks to God. Colin interviewed them after their show and got a great recording of them. Throughout the interview they kept giving glory to God. They said too that it was raining up to the point of their show and then they asked God to stop the rain – and it stopped. A group from Guam performed last night and they sang some current worship songs. This is especially encouraging as the next Arts Festival is in Guam. After the workshop on Wednesday, one of the participants told our team that our workshop was the most important one at the Festival because it didn’t just give an answer of this is how you do it, but it guided the participants to discovery for themselves."


Nahna said…
Love getting the updates even though you all are here. Thanks for these posts as well as the ones about your current "work". Looking forward to some hugs this week.

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