What to do with all of those beautiful tomatoes that grow in my Grandfather's garden?

This afternoon, the "Choate Team" turned some tomatoes into yummy spaghetti sauce.

Between the garlic cooking and the fresh basil I just picked and brought into the kitchen, wow, our house smells so good right now!

Enough for tonight's supper with my grandmother to celebrate her birthday, and enough left over for later.  And we still have lots of big ripe tomatoes left to enjoy.

Anybody want to come over?


LISA said…
YES...thank you!
Choate Family said…
Lisa, it's a 16 hour drive from your house to mine. Come on over :-)
quilt'n-mama said…
It looks so yummy!
We have tomatoes finally in our garden and I have lots of basil... maybe we need your recipe!
Choate Family said…
Gayly, I just use the recipe from "Laurel's Kitchen" and add some fennel seed and fresh basil. It's easy and yummy :-)
Abi's Blog said…
Lots of tomatoes here as well - and jalapenos, and squash...even afew butterbeans...as you can tell - no time to blog. :)

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