Hello, Olive Branch!

We lived in Olive Branch, MS, from 2002-2006.  One of the first families we met have done a good job of staying in touch during the last six years.

We enjoyed Nerf gun wars with creative twists...

 and even the dads got involved.

Sarah got to use some of Christine's tools to decorate a watermelon basket.

The finished product looked like it belonged in Candy Land.

Our friends also have violins in several different sizes.  Aaron enjoyed playing a duet,

and Katherine insisted she had to play the little one like a cello.

We celebrated the 4th of July by washing vehicles,

inside and out.

Then the kids cooled off with popsicles

and the slip and slide.

Fireworks with friends, another Choate family tradition.

I also learned a little bit about Fire King glassware, since Christine had picked up a couple of mugs at Goodwill.  Cute, functional, full of character and cheap - my kind of dishes.

It's still so hard to say goodbye, but I'm thankful for every little bit of time together to make more memories!


Ann said…
I love the picture of Katherine playing her "cello." That is too precious!

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