Time spent with Grandma and Grandpa always adds to my happy memory bank.  The kids helped Grandpa pick figs as soon as we piled out of the van.


The clouds were threatening rain (which never materialized), so we stayed inside and taught the kids how to play "Forty-Two".  I've played this game so many times with my grandparents, and I really enjoyed watching my kids continue the tradition.


Grandma tutored Sarah and Aaron taught Benjamin.  Grandpa and I got creamed. 

Love these old dominoes and the memories that go along with them.


What a wonderful bunch of memories you're making! And I LOVE that cute house in Conway.

Now I'm craving lemonade... cake?

Abi's Blog said…
My great aunt and uncle as well as my momma and daddy taught our kids to play 42. Sadly, I never learned!
OliveTree said…
I love those old dominoes too! Glad you're spending good time with your family.
Judy Jennings said…
Joanna, this is Judy Jennings I talked to you last year, my computer went down and I lost your e-mail address. i need to visit with you. Should I contact Sherwood Baptist church.
Judy Jennings said…
Joanna I visited with you last year about vbs and the children of solomom islands. We had missionary family from Chili come in so our money last year went to them. We just finished vbs this year and we have an offering that we want to give for children in your village. My computer crashed and I lost your e-mail address. I can contact your church if you prefer. e-mail is kaygee@suddenlink.net

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