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For today...Monday, July 2

Outside my window...bright sunshine, but the temps are supposed to stay just under 100 this week.  Wonder why we think 100 degrees feels worse than 99?

I am thinking...about and praying for the Festival of Pacific Arts being held in Honiara right now.  You can read updates and see pictures on our friend's blog

From the learning rooms...still only bits and pieces of school.  Katherine, who loves workbooks, is enjoying book one of "Developing the Early Learner" series and "Get Ready for the Code".  The big kids are reading some picture books about Holland in the 1600s and doing a little bit of math, too.

From the kitchen...leftovers all day as we clean out the fridge and pantry and prepare to leave seminary housing in the morning

I am wearing...pajamas still.  To be exact, plaid pajama pants and an iMOM t-shirt.  It's a packing day, and I'm just slow.

I am reading..."Stillmeadow Sampler" by Gladys Taber and "Martha Stewart's Gardening Month by Month", both finds at the Memphis Central Library's second hand bookstore.  I think I'm looking forward to changes of season, and I hope to do some late-in-the-season gardening when we move to Dallas in August.

Pondering these words..."We simplify, not just to be less busy, even though we may be right to pursue that.  Rather, we simplify to remove distractions from our pursuit of Christ.  WE prune activities from our lives, not only to get organized, but also that our devotion to Christ and service for His kingdom will be more fruitful.  We simplify, not merely to save time, but to eliminate hindrances to the time we devote to knowing Christ.  All the reasons we simplify should eventually lead us to Jesus Christ."    ~Donald S. Whitney

Noticing that...I'm craving order and schedule, but I sure do love all of the amazing people we are getting to see again!

I am hearing...not much.  I just made all of the kids go do math.

Around the looks like we're moving again.

One of my favorite things...our new Invitation to Partnership on Wycliffe's website

A few plans for the rest of the week...leaving in the morning to spend a couple days in Olive Branch, Mississippi, with old friends from our library story time days; driving back to our house in Arkansas for a couple of days before we head to Pine Bluff, Arkansas for a few more days (including Sunday at Immanuel Baptist Church)

Here is a picture I am sharing with you...our little rent house in Pine Bluff as it looked ten years ago.  Loved that house where we welcomed Sarah and Benjamin into our family!  We'll be driving by again next weekend.


Christy said…
I remember that house!
What a cozy looking house! We don't have many brick homes here, so they always look kind of special to me.

Have fun with more traveling. You are a VERY adaptable family!

You're moving to Dallas? I love that Whitney quote. Simplicity is such a buzz word, even among Christians, but this gets to the heart of what I want my motivation to be. That's good. Thanks for sharing it.
quilt'n-mama said…
Is the apartment picture at the top the ones you lived in when we visited you guys or are they the new ones... they look almost exactly like the ones I remember 8 years old1?
Hope you are enjoying your time and that your 4th was blessed!

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