Earthquake in the Solomon Islands

Just saw on Facebook that our colleagues in Honiara experienced an earthquake a little while ago:

"Just been woken up and shaken out of my bed by the worst and scariest earthquake I have ever experienced here in the Solomons! My dressing mirror smashed to the floor with other things while my whole house shook violently for a long time! My neighbour told me he thought his house was going to fall down! I am too shaken up to sleep now so going out for a walk with the neighbours to see the young adult team!!"

And from another friend chatting on Skype:

"We are fine. Epicenter was on the weathercoast of Guadalcanal. so it was close, and 6.5 is pretty strong. Shook things for about 20 seconds. maybe longer... seemed longer.  Power was cut to large sections of Honiara.  Lots of people at the hospital feared a tsunami and checked themselves out. Some in wheelchairs!  Quite a number climbed up Cemetary Hill."

We're so thankful that everybody in Honiara is fine.  According to our sources, the Discovery Team even enjoyed the experience! 


Safety Products said…
its really very difficult to imagine about any type disaster am really get scared whenever i heard about such disaster news in nearby our area....

very good source of information as i like the way you written your post
Ann said…
So glad everyone is okay!

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