Sweet Sabbath

"Praise the Lord.  How good it is to sing praises to our God, how pleasant and fitting to praise him!"  Psalm 147:1

It IS pleasant to praise him:

-for celebrating my grandmother's birthday.  She's a cancer survivor, so watching her blow out that candle was an extra sweet treat.  I love having young grandparents!

-for checking on the kids at night and hearing four sets of deep, sleepy breathing.  Benjamin had an apnea monitor attached to his little chest for the first six months of his life, I'm so grateful for healthy kids.

-for WWII veterans like W.C. Kesner who fought on Guadalcanal.  He uses a beautiful walking stick he got while in the Solomon Islands almost seventy years ago.

-for being able to attend church in English, my heart language

-for worshipping at Eastside Baptist Church in Fort Smith, Arkansas.  Sitting together as a family still makes me giddy after being separated with men on one side and women on the other for four years.

-for old friends who have known us for at least 25 years (back when Denise and I both had big hair), and yet they still like us.  Thanks to the Hall family for a great weekend in Fort Smith!


Happy, happy Sunday!


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