Thursday, July 4, 2013

Canada Tour

 We're safely back from our tour with the Southwest Children's Chorus.  It's so nice to be a complete family again!  On June 19th, we flew with the choir to Niagra Falls, Ontario. 

We ate supper on top of the Skylon Tower

 with a lovely view of Niagra Falls.  Can you see the shadow of the tower?
Thursday morning, we woke up to a gorgeous view of the falls and went down for a closer look.
Four fabulous girls were a permanent part of my group, and throughout the tour, different children floated in and out of my responsibility.

Sarah and Olivia were always in my group, we explored the Hershey's store

found a Canadian Mountie,

 and laughed together
before we boarded the bus (and played a little chess)
for an afternoon performance at St. Hilda's Anglican home in Toronto.

I love hearing the kids sing, but I especially love watching the kids interact with the audience after the performance.

After we left St. Hilda's, we drove to CN Tower,
the tallest free-standing structure in the western hemisphere.

I think the kids' favorite part of the tower was the "glass" floor, where you could stand and look 116 stories down to the ground.

I preferred the beautiful view of Toronto.

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Andrew and Megan said...

You were in our (especially Andrew's) neighborhood! (He grew up in Hamilton and his parents still live in the area). Lots of familiar sites around Niagara Falls!