St. Petersburg, Florida

Aaron and I lay in bed amazed last night at how God led us to go to a little bitty school in the small town of DeLand, Florida.  We had no idea of the impact that decision would have on our lives.

 While at Stetson University, not only did we receive a fabulous education, but we also met people who still continue to influence our lives. 

James and Barbara were newlyweds pregnant with their first child when we met them.  They opened their home to two college freshmen a thousand miles away from home.

They did a lot of pre-marital counseling, allowed us free access to their washer and dryer, encouraged us to jump into service at Stetson Baptist Church, and opened their home anytime we needed a place to stay or eat.

They are still doing those things for anyone who needs a listening ear or an open home.

And we're still building on more than twenty years of memories together.

The two Benjamins in 2004:

And the two Benjamins now:

Me holding Megan as a newborn:

And Barbara holding Katherine as a newborn:

Michael, at about age 12 (the same age as my Benjamin), helping Benjamin make GrandMollie's famous waffles:

When James performed our wedding ceremony sixteen years ago, none of us had any inkling of the results:

Sweet friendships, godly wisdom passed down from one family to another, a new generation making memories together and spurring one another on to be like Christ.


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