Friday, July 19, 2013

Memphis, Tennesee

We hadn't gotten to visit Aaron's Dad since Thanksgiving,

so hanging out with the cousins in the back yard was a priority.

It's good for my kids to get re-acclimated to the heat and humidity of being outside.

The grownups sat where their feet could get the edge of the sprinkler to help them stay cool.

Benjamin chose the full body mud bath to help him stay cool.

Popsicles were a good way to beat the heat, too.

Even some of the adults couldn't resist the sweet treat.

July is a big month for birthday celebrations on this side of the family.

Of the thirteen people in the house, six of them have July birthdays!

When we were lighting the candles on the birthday cake, the non-July-birthday kids decided to crawl underneath the table.

The cake used to have everybody's name on it, but now six is just too many.

The two-year-old conked out before the cake and ice cream, but it was still a good-looking bunch!

The next day, we looked for indoor activities to beat the heat.  Bungee jumping...

riding the carousel...
 and reading books at Barnes and Noble.

A bubble bath was the perfect way to finish the day!

This morning, the chefs whipped up a delicious breakfast (you never go hungry at Oma's house)

and sent us out the door with smiles.

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