Friday, July 12, 2013

Jacksonville, Florida

In the midst of visiting old college buddies, we got to stop and visit with Aaron's brother and sister-in-law in Jacksonville.

They live in a beautiful apartment complex with a huge pool, so we took some time to swim and grill supper.  When the Choate brothers get together, there's bound to be some goofing off, and the diving rings quickly became crowns for our crew.

I think Katherine especially latched on to her Uncle Jason.  Reminds me of when we visited several years ago, and Jason's daughter (I think she was two) kept mixing up Aaron and Jason.  Aaron got called "daddy" several times by the wrong child!

When everyone had cleaned up from the pool party, we played cards until Aunt Makenzie and I were yawning and dozing off.  It didn't take very long.
We woke up to find a fabulous variety of creamer to add to our coffee.  I think we drank three pots in efforts to sample each of the creamers.

Uncle Jason was a good sport and gave out lots of hugs.

I think his back almost gave out, too.

While he went to work,

the rest of us went to the bowling alley,
where Mackenzie and I discovered that we shared a love for playing air hockey.

One of the best things about Aaron and me growing up together is that, when I got married, I already felt like Jason was my brother.  Love being part of this crazy Choate family!


Leslie said...

You have been ALL OVER the place! Love the brother picture and am curious about the verdict on the creamers.

Choate Family said...

My favorite flavor was "Hot for Cookie" :-)

Anonymous said...

I love seeing the Choate boys together, even if it means that Jason steals your phone and harrasses me when I call (heh heh)! So glad you all were able to do this Florida visit. Looks like it's been pretty wonderful.

Love, Liss