June 14

Tuesday, June 14
One of the perks to running around the village like a chicken with my head cut off is getting to chat with people! Most days, I'm the "school marm" stuck in the house, making sure that the Choate Academy runs smoothly and that the students are all progressing on schedule. But yesterday afternoon and today, I've had opportunities to sit down and talk about spiritual things while I've been sharing the leftover dry goods from our pantry.

On my adventures around the metropolis of Marulaon, I found one of the grandmothers of the village making brooms to sell at the church's big fundraiser on Friday. We're disappointed that we'll be gone and won't get to participate. But, I also discovered Chief Hensy and his father-in-law Walter making “his and hers” paddles for the fundraiser. I asked if it was appropriate to go ahead and buy them, and at the affirmative answer, I went home and grabbed the money.
Hensy's daughter, Annie, is one of my buddies. She wanted me to take her picture, too, as she ate her cracker and watched her daddy work. I think we'll be ready when the ship comes early tomorrow morning. We've lined up transport, and Kiko has volunteered to come help us move our cargo down to the shore tonight. Aaron still has some loose ends to tie up with the translation project, and he is working diligently as I type. We appreciate prayers as we transition back to Honiara for a few weeks full of meetings and the beginning of a new school year!


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