Saturday, June 4

After market this morning, the Sunday School children worked together to clean up the grounds of the church and to get the inside ready for church tomorrow. I was proud of my kiddos as they toiled alongside their friends.
I found Katherine inside the church, copying a hymn that the kids have been learning. Her friends have been asking her to write down the words for them.
Olivia was working alongside Sophie to get the flower bouquets ready to decorate the church. Notice that the flower “vases” are shell cartridges leftover from WWII.
Sarah left weeding a little early because Margaret showed up to show Sarah how to weave a different kind of mat. As they were getting started, I had a couple of friends come up for medical attention. Skin rashes and diseases are common here for all of us. I didn't try to diagnose the problem, but I was able to give soap, Benadryl, and hydrocortisone cream, as well as some medicated powder. It's hard to keep skin clean and dry here!
IMG_3101 - Copy (360x240)
The big church fundraiser that was supposed to happen last weekend has been postponed to June 18, after we are back in Honiara. This morning, I've already had two requests to help out with some of the fundraising projects. The first one was my friend, Kiko, who is an extraordinary chef. I would love to see what she could do with a full kitchen, but she still works wonders with an open fire. She wanted some baking powder and some powdered sugar, as well as a recipe for icing, so she could bake some goodies for the fundraiser. My friend, Margaret, asked for material and thread so that several of the ladies could sew skirts and shorts for the fundraiser. I didn't have very much of the requested items, (and once again, it feels like I'm putting in my two widow's mites) but I'm glad we try to bring out a little bit extra of just about everything, so we have enough to share.


Phil said…
Good wishes for the June 18 fundraiser. Interestingly, we'll be in New Jersey that day. Our younger daughter invited as many members of the family as are able to come to her home to celebrate our 50th anniversary. Praise God for His mercy and patience for half a century! Wishing you great blessings from the Lord as well. Phil and Jan

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