The home in my head

We began a new school year last week.  I have a 12th, 11th, 8th, and 3rd grader living under my roof.  We are reading "Red Sails to Capri" for the last time as a school read-aloud.  Home is constantly changing physical locations, back and forth.  The pace in Honiara is busy, as Aaron attends the Culture meets Scripture workshop everyday and still prepares to go back out to the Russells this coming Sunday.  Home doesn't always look like I thought I would when Aaron and I began this journey together years ago.

I recently stumbled upon a blog that fits me so well:  Grace Table.  And while reading one of the recent articles, I found myself nodding in agreement over and over again. 
"And I desired the home in my head more than the home Jesus was making for me....Home is learning to live in our own skin, knowing the fullness of our humanity, both spirit and flesh and dealing compassionately with both.  It's a posture that invites God to pull up a seat at the table of heart and take every desire of ours and turn them into something holy and right and useful for the kingdom.  Home is making space for the Holy Spirit to blow fresh and wild and free in our soul, stirring up the greatest, God-given longing found there which is Jesus."  ~Lori Harris

Our home this week has been full of eight-year-old snuggles and teenagers who are looking ahead to launching into the world.  Home looks like Sarah's onion bread, which made a delicious tuna salad sandwich, a perfect complement to a Sunday afternoon Sabbath rest.  Home is full school days for this tired mama who loves her early morning walking buddies and the refreshment they bring.  And tonight, our home will welcome a new friend, a delightful math teacher from California who is here to help with the Culture meets Scripture workshop.  And all of it points us to deal compassionately with our spirits and our flesh, to nourish both in whatever space we currently call home as we long for more of Jesus in our lives.


Ann Hibbard said…
Once again, my friend, God is working in us spiritually in similar ways. The definition of "home" has been something He's been molding into me, too, over the past year. I love this post and all it represents. And I love that "home" is a spiritual reality, not a physical place. That makes all the difference in the world, doesn't it?

Enjoy "home" today, my friend!

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