Science, broccoli, crochet, and other exciting things...

"I search in skinny limbs and freckled noses and tangled hair, but my babies are gone.  They have been replaced with children who need to reintroduce themselves almost every day, so quickly do they change and grow."  ~Christie Purifoy

Olivia's science took a big jump this school year.  She's moved up into the Apologia Science series and absolutely loves it.  Her most recent experiment involved floating objects in different layers of oil and water, and Olivia tried some items of her own choosing in addition to objects the book suggested.  I like it when my kids get excited about learning!

Sarah and Olivia have been working on a crochet project during read-aloud all through our time in the village, and they are almost finished!  They have exercised their creativity and spatial skills on this project, the first of its kind for my blossoming women.  Soon, we'll mail it off so it can nestle a little one under much love.

We often remember certain books in conjunction with what project was completed during that shared time, or sometimes we remember the miles that sped along while we listen to a book when we are driving in America.  We get to read "Great Expectations" later this year, and I am already working on downloading a brilliant British reader so I don't have to try and wade through this book with my made up accents.
Something that makes my heart melt?  That my teenage son loves his smallest sister enough to play Lego with her and to share in the creativity together.  Benjamin is a tactile learner and remembers best when his hands are active, so the chink of Lego blocks often accompanies the sound of my voice reading aloud.

Another thing I love?  The way that school often dissolves into laughter in our home.  When we chose to school at home thirteen years ago, we had no idea that we would find the journey so joyful.  Who knew that geography would be so funny?

Or that a hallway could provide so much fun and exercise and giggles?  God knew I needed all this goodness to help continue the continuous refilling process.  It's like the widow's oil, although I seem to pour out every drop, the Lord continues to renew and refresh in unexpected places.  Sometimes, I feel like He doesn't refill quickly enough, but I'm satisfied with His perfect timing.  Wednesday morning when I drove into town, I was so excited to find a fresh shipment of broccoli!  So we pulled out one of our favorite recipes, Peanut Ginger Pasta, as a nourishing way to end the day.


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