Sunday, May 29

My Sunday afternoon walk took me down to Kiko's house, where I was delighted to find the Saber that we had loaded with a few Lavukal Bible stories. Ladies from three villages came together to craft and record these stories several years ago, and Aaron and I wondered if anybody still listened. The Saber is charged by winding it by hand, and Kiko has done a marvelous job of taking care of the unit and of passing on a love for the stories to all of the little ones in her little hamlet of houses.

IMG_3034 - Copy (360x240)

This is the kind of Scripture use that I'm excited and passionate about! I also talked with the ladies gathered underneath the house with Kiko about using “Aitum Ovovo” and the best way to be culturally appropriate in discussing such a sensitive topic. It's fun to watch people get excited about God's Word!


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