Marulaon Woman’s Daybook

Just for today...Monday, May 30
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Outside my window...Benjamin climbing a kino (cutnut) tree to see if the nuts are ripe yet.
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From the learning's week 35! Katherine is discovering Constantine and finishing her math book. Olivia is making revisions to her research paper and reading about Shakespeare in history. Sarah and Benjamin are racing through the 1990's in history (which I'm loving!) .
A heart overflowing with thankfulness...for big sisters who make lovely flower crowns for little sisters to wear
I am hearing...Debussy's string quartet in g minor. Music to feed my soul this afternoon.
Pondering these words... “Our perfect helplessness is demonstrated, and then faith lays hold of God's perfect helpfulness....The soul cries out for God, and can rest upon nothing but omnipotence. This is the Christian life - despairing of our own power, confident in God's.” ~E. Hurndall
A few plans for the rest of the week...Aaron will be gone most of the day tomorrow to attend a grave “cementing” of a big man and his wife in another village. The grave had fallen into disrepair, and the village was celebrating the renovation. People from all around the Russells will be there, so Aaron will have many opportunities to chat about the current state Bible translation. This week is the “calm before the storm” of packing and preparing to move back to Honiara and some big events coming up next week.
A peek into my corner of the world...Olivia came home this afternoon proudly bearing a lobster's head she found in the ocean. That crazy, animal loving girl!


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