Quick Prayer Request...

For years, we've been looking ahead and talking with the international school here in Honiara about offering American standardized tests like the SAT, ACT, and PSAT.  Our director has been very supportive and helpful, too, by continuing the conversation with the school when we are in the village.  The principal is pursuing the goal of offering the tests, but he still has several hurdles to overcome.  And now it is time for our kids to take those tests. 
We are leaning towards flying to Brisbane for both the SAT and the PSAT in October.  I've been able to find one school in Brisbane that offers the SAT and one school that offers the PSAT.  Both schools are willing for our students to come to Brisbane, but we still have a lot of details to work out.  Will you please pray for God to give us wisdom and for Him to provide the money to cover these unexpected expenses?


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