Lovely Village E-mail

Happy Tuesday afternoon, friends of the Choates!
Thank you all so much for continuing to pray for and interact with the Choates while they’re in the village. Their time in Marulaon is coming to an end, and they’ll be heading back to Honiara very soon. But, over the past few weeks, the e-mails that have made it through the village e-mail system have been a bit scattered. Many messages are lost in the coming and going, and there are gaps. So, thanks for your patience and graciousness, knowing that a lack of response might just mean there’s an e-mail (or two or three) missing along the way.
So, if you haven’t heard from this sweet family in a while, don’t give up! Keep on messaging them and encouraging them along the way, and know that connection with you means the world to them.
Thanks for praying and keeping this precious family encouraged. It’s making a difference!
~ Ann H.


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