Monday, June 6

For Olivia's last Language Arts assignment, she had to give a short speech. This morning before Aaron left, Olivia taught the rest of the family about the Tanka (a Japanese poetical form in which the first line has five syllables, the second line, seven syllables, the third line has five syllables, the fourth, seven, and the last line has seven again). She ended her presentation with inviting each of us to write our own Tanka, and I loved the results!

“Weather” by Katherine
Weather brings cool breeze
Cold weather is fun to me
Then the leaves blow down
Then cover the ground with leaves
Leaves are really pretty, too

“Speeches” by Benjamin
I don't like speeches
At least the giving of them
I think they are fine
But rather embarrassing
To the giver of it

“Burned Banana Cake” by Sarah
Burned banana cake
Are really okay because
Then we can eat them.
And we don't have to give them
All away, we get some, too.
“End of School” by Aaron
Motivation lags
Clock ticks, topics drag, so, so slow
O sweet freedom's end
The promise of so much time
To do, to do, I don't know.

“Kino” by Joanna
Kino trees blooming
Make my face want to explode.
White fluffy flowers
Look beautiful, yet inside
My head, small bombs detonate.


Anonymous said…
These are great!! Haha makes Brennen and I laugh :)


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